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Who Lives in PHA units?

PHAs could be serving...

There are 142 Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) in the State of Nebraska building viable communities through the following programs:

7,700 Public Housing Units

9,653 Section 8 Rental Assistance

698 Section 8 Mod Rehabilitation

285 Section 8 New Construction

1,107 Rural Economic & Community Development

Elderly, Handicapped, and Disabled Individuals

Families in Crisis

Working Families

  • Grandmother or Grandfather
  • Mother or Father
  • Sister or Brother
  • Son or Daughter
  • Grandson or Granddaughter
  • Aunt or Uncle

Public Housing Authorites bring economic growth to their local communities through:

Modernization and Capital Improvement Programs ($63,840,406 since 1990)

Public Housing New Development (961 units totaling $70,662,676 since 1990)

Section 8 Rental Assistance payments to local landlords since the early 1980s:

PHAs provide rental assistance to low-income families by providing the difference between the tenant's annual income and the fair market rents, as determined by HUD.

Since program inception, HUD has provided $481,991,119 in budget authority to 29 housing authorities.

Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program has provided $53,671,797 in budget authority to 4 housing authorities.

Section 8 New Construction Program has provided $16,576,915 in budget authority to 4 housing authorities

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