Nebraska Housing Law:


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Nebraska Housing Agency Act

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Legislative and Housing Issues


Be alert to what powers the NEBRASKA HOUSING AGENCY LAW has for your agency. Remember, you can only operate within the powers that are given your agency by the State Law.


Provides the process for a Resident Commissioner. Your local governing body must adopt ordinances in accordance with the State law.

  • * Allows you to enter into and perform interagency and inter- governmental agreements.

  • * Allows you to participate in group or pools for insurance, pension, or retirement.

  • * Allows you to form and operate non-profit corporations or affiliates.

  • * Gives special consideration to agencies in Villages and Second Class Cities in purchasing from Commissioners.

  • * Defines when public bidding is required.

  • * Defines Code of Ethics for Commissioners and family members.

  • * Defines what records are exempt from public inspection.

  • * Defines that the HUD required Agency and Annual Plans be due to the State Auditor within 6 months of the fiscal year end. Annual Audit is required if gross revenues are over $250,000. Biennial Audit if gross revenues are under $250,000.

  • * Defines that Annual Reports are due to the local governing body within 6 months of the year-end and what is to be included in the report.

To stay abreast of these and other changes included in the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998 and the Nebraska State Housing Law of 1999 consider joining the Nebraska Chapter of NAHRO. See our Membership page for more information.